Review is up and check out new episode.

I did a Christmas Eve minicast for the Gun and Gear Review Podcast. Check out the google hangout here.

Check out all the episodes of Gun and Gear Review Podcast at iTunes here.

Check out the written review for this and many other guns and gear at




New reviews and podcast coming.

Just wrapped up a draft of a review on the Nikon P223 3×32 scope and P-Series mounts. Recording the podcast with the Firearms Radio Network shortly. Links to follow.

My First Podcast.

I recently took part in my first podcast on Gun and Gear Review for The Firearms Radio Network. I had a great time talking with Jake, Ryan, and Joe. You can watch the recording of the google hangout on youtube.

Work in progress

Currently overhauling the look and feel of this site. 

In the meantime check out all the great podcasts on the Firearms Radio Network. I will be appearing on the upcoming episode of Gun and Gear Review Podcast.