One step forward let us hope there won’t be two back.

The full article from the Chicago Tribune can be found here.

In short a U.S. District Judge ruled Chicago’s city wide ban on both retail and personal sales of firearms to be unconstitutional. This starts to get you all warm and fuzzy for the 2A until the realization hits that it is not a done deal. There is still time for the city to appeal, which under the command of Rahm Emanuel is not unlikely. He is already outspoken against the decision. The city has even jokingly blamed the glut of illegal guns in the city on lenient state and federal laws. Yeah I’m sure all the saturday night specials and mac 10s were straw purchased. The city stated “We need stronger gun safety laws, not increased access to firearms within the city.”, give me a break.

As evidenced in the past, I’m sure the powers at be will find other ways to suppress the second amendment rights of its residents. Which is why I titled this entry as I did.


NJ Bonus: I actually had an audible response when I read this bit, “The latest court ruling in the long legal fight came one day after Illinois, the last state to approve a concealed carry law, began accepting applications from residents who want to carry concealed firearms in public.”. Oh really, NJ has a concealed carry law, could have fooled me. Although we are a “may-issue” state, it’s laughable. My completely non scientific research goes as follows. In NJ where I currently live and have lived in for most of my life I know anecdotally of a handful  of people who have carry permits, I’m talking count on one hand, handful here. These people only have their permits based on the fact their business is in guns or they transport a lot of cash frequently, which makes them targets. Who they know probably doesn’t hurt either. To contrast that, when I was living in Ohio and Michigan I knew a bunch of people, personally, who had carry permits and carried often. These were average blue collar folks, college professors, and grandmothers. Im talking a wide spectrum of folks, who for a small fee and training exercised their second amendment rights freely.




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