Decisions Decisions.

Every now and again a gun owner enters periods of intense desire for firearms which can be met with not enough money to facilitate all the interests at that time. Here in NJ I find this typically is exacerbated by the handgun permitting system that we have. The troubles of getting new permits tend to make people get at least two or more at a time. This may not seems too bad but when you add the 90 days expiration and one gun a month (OGAM) policy it adds to an even more stressful buying experience. 

I find myself in such a quandary, two permits coming soon and a myriad of choices and interests in what to buy. Ive narrowed my interests into a few things. The first will be a compact level carry gun in the vein of Glock 19 or S&W M&P9c. Next I have fallen in love with modern S&W J frames which although perfectly acceptable carry guns have certain drawbacks which make compact semi-autos more attractive. The two wildcards that I ran across are the Ruger SR-22 and the Walther PPX. Decisions decisions, what’s a man to do. 

To make these decisions more difficult me and two friends who share the costs and manpower of reloading are going to be upgrading from a Lee single stage to a Dillon progressive, as well as a bulk order of components. Enough whining on my part all this rationalizing and interest in concealed carry brought me to an article from The Detroit News the full article can be found HERE

Bottom line is something that I have always agreed with, the more law abiding citizens having and carrying legal firearms, the safer society will get. Apparently the Chief of Police agrees.


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