Update: Im a slacker but not really I swear

I have been neglecting my poor blog and its inexcusable. But it is ok I swear it is just that I have been caught up doing some other things.

There are a few things that are taking up a lot of my free time.

1) New Responsibility:  I have been a contributor and panelist to the website firearmsinsider.tv and the corresponding podcast Gun and Gear Review Podcast for a little while now and have recently been given a little more responsibility over there.

2) New Horizons: I along with my co-host Allie Howe have started our own podcast on the Firearms Radio Network titled Guns of Hollywood where each week we take a look at a film, a series, or television show and talk about the action, stories, and of course the guns involved. The researching, recording, editing, and posting for this is taking up a lot of my time. But it is totally worth it. Check us out on itunes and stitcher.

3) New Guns: So as it will become more evident through the stuff I write im finally tackling projects that I have been putting off for both time and money reasons. Time wise im getting a lot of help from Gus over at Dynamic Combat Solutions right here in North Jersey. As far as money well it’s PBJ lunches to save up for LR-308 parts.


Thanks to all who read this and to those who listen and read my other stuff. I hope to get back into a rhythm here at NJ Gun Blog.