Update: Im a slacker but not really I swear

I have been neglecting my poor blog and its inexcusable. But it is ok I swear it is just that I have been caught up doing some other things.

There are a few things that are taking up a lot of my free time.

1) New Responsibility:  I have been a contributor and panelist to the website firearmsinsider.tv and the corresponding podcast Gun and Gear Review Podcast for a little while now and have recently been given a little more responsibility over there.

2) New Horizons: I along with my co-host Allie Howe have started our own podcast on the Firearms Radio Network titled Guns of Hollywood where each week we take a look at a film, a series, or television show and talk about the action, stories, and of course the guns involved. The researching, recording, editing, and posting for this is taking up a lot of my time. But it is totally worth it. Check us out on itunes and stitcher.

3) New Guns: So as it will become more evident through the stuff I write im finally tackling projects that I have been putting off for both time and money reasons. Time wise im getting a lot of help from Gus over at Dynamic Combat Solutions right here in North Jersey. As far as money well it’s PBJ lunches to save up for LR-308 parts.


Thanks to all who read this and to those who listen and read my other stuff. I hope to get back into a rhythm here at NJ Gun Blog.


Check it out.

Check out one of my latest reviews on firearmsinsider.tv Rimz Review.


Going on another Gun and Gear Review Podcast Tonight and will be discussing many things including my coming review of the Henry Classic Lever Action .22

“We Like Shooting” Shootout

Check out the website for the “We Like Shooting” podcast here. Their podcast is part of The Firearms Radio Network, the same network which hosts The Gun and Gear Review Podcast which I frequently appear on.

They are having a friendly shootout competition which I participated in. The instructions and printable target can be found here.


What that little guy dont worry about that little guy.

What that little guy dont worry about that little guy.

That’s my target I shot with my S&W 625JM i blame the two flyers on a tough day at work and the hot handloads I was using.


Coming soon…. S&W 638 review and my post about range bags….